RhythmMax is designed to help publishers and mobile developers maximize yield and eCPM by connecting with top-tier brands trying to reach both broad and niche audiences.   We can help monetize inventory across devices and ad types - including video, display, rich media, and native.  And with our next-generation pre- and post-bid filtering technology, RhythmGuard, we can help you pre-qualify and screen your inventory to maximize quality, yield and performance.

Key benefits:

  • Maximize yield and eCPM
  • Support all platforms and types
  • Access top-tier brands
  • Control which brands run on your site or mobile app
  • In-depth analytics and management tools to help you optimize pricing and maximize yield
  • Flexible purchase structure supports programmatic direct buys, Private Marketplaces and real-time bidding (RTB) - bolstering fill rates

RhythmMax helps publishers make the most of their premium inventory and audiences.

James Murphy, VP Programmatic

Streamlined Integration

Whether you’re a web publisher or an app developer, RhythmMax makes it easy for you to start monetizing your audiences:

Tag-Based: Universal tag serves all ad types, including desktop and mobile, display, rich media, video, native etc. as well as customized tags for unique ad units.

RTB: You can also connect to our open RTB platform to ensure high fill rates and eCPM for all inventory.

SDK: Industry-leading SDK supports common VAST and VPAID functionality, and is integrated with third-party analytics partners like MOAT and IAS – helping to meet viewability standards.

You’re in Good Company

RhythmMax’s supply partnerships include our own Owned and Operated sites, top tier publishers as well as unique inventory from long- and mid-tail publishers.

Owned & Operated Unique, first look
long-and mid-tail
Top-tier publishers
and social networks


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