Cut/Before You Count

RhythmGuard combines proprietary pre- and post-bid screening technology with 3rd party verification - offering some of the cleanest ad inventory available.


We are committed to brand safety. Complementing our own proprietary technology, we also partner with some of the strongest names in desktop and mobile viewability and verification.



How and Why We've Built a Programmatic Supercomputer

With increasing broadband speeds and ubiquity of fiber deployment, it takes about one tenth of a second to deliver an ad. But a whole lot happens in that time period. Even small delays in this process can wreak havoc on winning bids and escalate ad costs. These delays can also contort and obscure efforts to account for the ad's delivery and performance.

When it comes to infrastructure - speed, reliability and scalability are paramount. In this blog entry, we lift the hood a bit on our infrastructure and everything we’ve done to make it one of the fastest possible.

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