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At the heart of RhythmMax is our marketplace technology. Unique in the industry, it is designed to facilitate the fastest, most efficient transactions between buyers and sellers across all platforms.

And with RhythmGuard, our proprietary filtering technology that cuts fraudulent traffic before it reaches the marketplace, it is also one of the safest marketplaces available.

Key benefits:

  • Transaction speeds up to 4X faster than other exchanges
  • Robust infrastructure – including wholly owned system hardware and network peering
  • Multiple data centers allow us to maintain a strong regional footprint
  • Exchange operates on supercomputing-based architecture and hardware
  • Certified IAB OpenRTB 2.3 Compliant 


Cut Before You Count –
A New Way to Think About Safety

Our pioneering pre- and post-bid filtering technology, RhythmGuard, is designed to eliminate suspicious and underperforming traffic before it reaches the marketplace – helping to make campaigns more efficient and effective.

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