RhythmMax provides advertisers qualified audiences in a brand-safe environment across devices programmatically with the aim of helping brands maximize ROI.

We have one of the deepest supply footprints available with inventory across desktop, mobile web, mobile in app, tablet, connected TV and out-of home. RhythmMax offers a one-stop-shop for advertisers, brands, trade desks and DSPs to create cross-channel programs leveraging all ad types – enabling you to optimize within and across your campaigns.

Reaching Your Target

Precision is the key to campaign success. Using data from Proximic, we can target audiences based on all IAB segments, build custom segments and overlay data from partners like Bluekai, Lotame, Datalogix, Semcasting and Polk.


  • 353M+ Display
  • 1.6B+ Mobile
  • 1.3B+ Video


  • 9.6B+ Display Imp
  • 102B+ Mobile Imp
  • 148.5B+ Video Imp


  • 1,491B+ Display
  • 1,251B+ Mobile
  • 606.9B+ Video
  • 15B+ Native

*Monthly ad opportunties


What Makes Us Different

1 All Screens, All Formats:
Reach any screen, at any time, with any message.

2 Massive Scale:
Broad reach across highly targetable audience segments.

3 Unique Inventory:
Exclusive access to O&O and Controlled properties from top tier publishers and social networks.

4 Sophisticated Targeting:
Proprietary and 3rd party data overlays and retargeting.

5 Brand Safety:
Propriety RhythmGuard technology screens inventory pre- and post-bid for quality.

6 Buying Flexibility:
Guarentees inventory and CPMs, exclusive first look, direct deals, PMPs, RTB.

7 Easy Access:
Connect with existing DSPs or benefit from our managed services.

8 Mobile In-stream:
Large supply of premium mobile Interactive In-stream and In-stream video.

OpenRTB 2.3 Compliant | Supports PMP | Supports Deal ID

Managed Services

Our personal account services team assists with your programmatic buy.

Preferred DSP

Tap into our DSP or your existing DSP.

Private Maketplaces

Leverage Deal ID to execute programmatic buys through our private marketplaces.

Programmatic Direct

Reserve inventory through direct deals with exclusive/ first look inventory access.

Open RTB

Bid on inventory in real-time. RhythmMax is Open RTB 2.3 compliant.


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