RhythmMax is the next-generation programmatic platform that connects advertisers with qualified, brand-safe audiences across devices at scale.   RhythmMax provides advertisers a single point of campaign execution and helps to maximize the ROI on their media spend across mobile, desktop and connected TV ad inventory; and provides access to a variety of ad formats that span video, display, rich media and native.

A key differentiator of the RhythmMax platform is RhythmGuard, a proprietary pre- and post-bid filtering technology that screens for and eliminates underperforming or suspicious traffic before it reaches the marketplace. Designed to augment and complement other third-party viewability and verification solutions, RhythmGuard enables RhythmMax to offer one of the cleanest sources of inventory in the industry.  For publishers, RhythmMax pre-screens inventory which allows for maximum inventory valuation, yield and monetization. 

RhythmMax is an offering from RhythmOne.  RhythmOne is a media technology company that connects audiences with brands through premium content across devices, at scale. RhythmOne’s long-term vision is to provide the industry’s most accountable marketplace for online advertising.

The Company is headquartered in San Francisco, California with offices worldwide. For more information please visit www.rhythmone.com.